DILIMAG started 2007 with a project conducted by the Innsbruck Newspaper Archive ( IZA) and funded by the Austrian Science Fund. The Innsbruck Newspaper Archive continues the collection after the project ended in 2010. With the technical development of the digital media, new forms of literary periodicals and new ways of distributing literature have emerged. Due to the special characteristics of the net and digital media this new form cannot be covered by conventional description and analysis methods. The project responded to a challenge facing literary scholars as well as librarians with respect to how to record, analyze and archive German-language digital literary magazines (i.e. magazines that can only be found on the internet). The results of the project were published in:

Renate Giacomuzzi, Stefan Neuhaus, Christiane Zintzen (2010): „Digitale Literaturvermittlung“.

Renate Giacomuzzi (2011): „Deutschsprachige Literaturmagazine im Internet“.


Besides continuing the collection of ‘born online’ literary magazines (DILIMAG) the Innsbruck Newspaper Archive conducted a new collection of author homepages (2011-2014). Author homepages specialized on the archiving and documentation of the various ways authors express themselves. Because web archiving requires a high degree of specific technical know-how and experience in dealing with the ever changing demands of Internet sources, we decided to ask the Internet Archive (San Francisco) for technical support. The cooperation with the Internet Archive started in 2011 and lasted until 2017. The "I­nternet Archive" as the worlds oldest institution in this area offers the service archive-it that provides the required professional support as well as the guarantee for long-term and secure storage of the archived documents. In order to have access to all harvested data and control access to the data, the archived sources have been transfered out of the "Internet Archive" into the servers of the University of Innsbruck. Since 2017, the Innsbruck Newspaper Archive continues to maintain the web archive by themselves with various open source software (Heritrix, WebCurator, ...)

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